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little mountain farm

fresh food, grown naturally

Photo Gallery

Constructing the Little Mountain... Constructing the Little Mountain... Michelle pulling out the mesh that will be our deer fence! 191667556 Fence posts in! 191667555 Charlie. 191405115 Greenhouse materials. 191405112 Michelle is excited about the size of the greenhouse. 191572945 Azja making the greenhouse frame (Charlie is helping). 191405116 191405117 Azja and Michelle building the frame. 191405118 191405121 191405119 191405114 Putting the tarp on our washing station...the first time. 191405111 First hoops are up! 191405123 191405124 Azja, attaching the PVC pieces. 191405125 191405126 191667557 Designing the greenhouse end walls. 191405122 Friends are always quick to lend a hand. 191405127 191572947 Michelle is ready to drill (and hammer and saw). 191572946 The end walls are up! 191405129 Charlie takes a nap after a hard day of work. 191405128 191405131 Azja putting up the plastic in the pouring rain and still smiling. 191405130 Everyone comes out to help construct the washing station. 191572949 191572948