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little mountain farm

fresh food, grown naturally

Photo Gallery

More digging and Irrigation...but then, Planting! More digging and Irrigation...but then, Planting! Digging out our paths and making raised beds which help with warmth, soil heath and drainage. 192506501 192506502 192506503 192506504 192506505 192506506 192506507 Rototilling the beds before planting. 192506508 192506509 Apprentices come to help! 192506510 192506511 192506512 192506513 192506514 Panting! First ever little mountain veggie planting! 192506515 192506516 192506517 192506518 192506519 Irrigation all set up and ready to water! 192506520 192506521 Charlie vegges out beside the squash beds. 192506522 Eight beds planted in one very long day! 192506523 192506524